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X Rocky Patel ALR-2 Edition Robusto

X Rocky Patel ALR-2 Edition Robusto


2018 marked the release of the ALR, one of Rocky’s finest and most memorable releases to date. What made it so good? The best quality tobacco, carefully blended and rolled, and aged for an impressive two years after being rolled. One year later, the ALR is already a classic blend with sales numbers that prove it. Now, Rocky Patel is back from the drawing board with the follow-up to that excellent release, the ALR Second Edition.

This isn’t a tweaked blend. It doesn’t use different primings of the same leaves. No my friends, this blend is all new and all Patel. Rolled at Rocky’s TAVICUSA factory in Nicaragua, these box-pressed gems come stuffed with the best fillers from Rocky’s own farms and are lovingly wrapped in a dark, oily Mexican San Andres wrapper before being laid down for a two year cedar nap. The flavors are big, bold, and chewy, and produce an eclectic mix of flavors including earth, dark fruit, toasted wood, and espresso. The hype over the first ALR proved to be well-merited, so you should get your hands on a box of Second Edition today to get ahead of the bandwagon. ALR stands for ‘Aged, Limited, Rare’, and they won’t be around forever, so don’t miss your chance!


    Medium - Full









  • SIZE

    5 1/2 " x 54





    San Andres




    Honduras, Nicaragua  

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