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Leon Jimenes Robusto

Leon Jimenes Robusto


One of La Aurora’s goals is to meet the preferences of all smokers. León Jimenes cigars are just that, a line of cigars to meet the demands of consumers; in this case, the requirements of those who opt for a quiet and elegant smoke. This type of smoke is partly provided by the famous Connecticut wrapper that covers this cigar. This line of Premium cigars is a tribute to the founders of the company, so, it carries the surnames of its founders: Eduardo León Jimenes—creator of La Aurora—and his brother Herminio who took charge of the company when Eduardo died in 1937. In honor of their hard work, La Aurora released, in 1987—the León Jimenes cigars. These cigars offer the classic flavors associated to the Connecticut wrapper, such as wood, cocoa, creaminess or nuts, explains the Master Blender of La Aurora, Manuel Inoa. The Connecticut wrapper, “very particular due to the notes of nuts it contains,” represents around 16–17 percent of the total mixture, adds the Master Blender of La Aurora.

In the beginning,

León Jimenes Connecticut cigars were filled only with tobaccos from the

famous Valle del Cibao, Dominican Republic; later, tobacco from Nicaragua was

added to create more consistent flavors and aromas. The binding leaf is made of

tobacco from Valle del Cibao. Even so, this cigar provides a “smooth and soft

smoke,”as described by Inoa.










  • SIZE

    5" x 50


    Dominican Republic






    Dominican Republic, Valle del Cibao


    Dominican Republic

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