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CAO World Sampler

CAO World Sampler


These CAO cigars are a collection of the finest tobaccos and best rated cigars in the world. These unique blends are born from equally unique regions, bringing their flavours, aromas and local cultures with them. This sampler contains four cigars that are 5x56 listed below:


Italia Ciao -The Italian Habano seed used for CAO Italia was originally brought to Italy from Cuba over 40 years ago. It lends a unique, earthy sweetness to the robust, full-flavoured composition of CAO Italia – per la dolce vita!

Brazilia Gol - Filled with rich, smooth Nicaraguan tobacco and wrapped in dark, oily, Brazilian wrapper leaves.

America Potomac - Made with two American-grown wrappers, CAO America utilizes premium tobaccos from the five different countries to create a cigar that is tailored to the American aficionado. An eye-catching ‘pinstripe’ effect catches the eye while a cigar that has depth and complexity with an appealing aesthetic captivates the palate.

Colombia Vallenato - CAO Colombia is the first cigar to prominently feature Colombian tobacco and is a mild-to-medium bodied world blend boasting notes of toasted nuts sprinkled with briny nuances. CAO Colombia uses tobacco that is derived from a Cuban seed first grown in Colombia in 1820 called Ica Mazinga.

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