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Tabacalera Cigarillos Maduro

Tabacalera embodies the fun loving spirt of the Filipino people with it's easy going smoke and sweet taste sprinkled with spicy undertones. It has generous floral notes with gentle kicks of spice ad cedar, a cool burn and medium bodies as if romanticizing the diverse landscape of the Philippines on the palate.

Tabacalera Cigarillos Maduro

Tabacalera is the first and oldest cigar factory in Asia , and is among the oldest cigar companies in the world.

The origin of the tobacco industry in the Philippines dates to 1592 when the Spanish Galleon San Clemente brought 50 Kilos if Cuban tobacco seeds to the country.
Size 3 3/4 x 23

Filler Philippines
Binder Philippines
Wrapper Philippines
Country Philippines

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