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Macanudo Inspirado Honduran

A true fan-favorite!

The Macanudo Inspirado line has been one of my favorite series of cigars in years. We all know Macanudo, that’s for sure, but most people don’t dig deeper than Café. And I can’t really blame them – Macanudo Café is the gold standard for mellow-bodied cigars, and has been for years. But with the Inspirado series, the folks behind Macanudo took a more “boutique” approach, focusing their blends on complex flavors and rarer tobaccos.

Macanudo Inspirado Honduran

Today, we’re looking at Macanudo Inspirado Orange, a cigar that’s new…ish. You see, Inspirado Orange originally started as a European exclusive. It was so popular that it quickly moved to the states, originally appearing only in brick-and-mortar retailers. Today, the people have spoken and Inspirado Orange is finally available to the masses. Wrapped in a gorgeous Honduran leaf overtop Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan long-fillers, Orange produces a rich, buttery blend with almonds, pepper, and a leathery core. A must-try for all fans of medium-bodied cigars.

Macanudo Inspirado Orange received a well-deserved 93-rating and Top 25 Cigar honors, noting: “A great cigar… bright finish of almonds and black pepper.”

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